Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC advertising is the practice of generating clicks to your website by paying a fee each time someone clicks on your ad. It can be a very effective way of acquiring targeted traffic from a specific demographic.

There's No Free Ride With PPC
If you're wondering why it's not included in our 'four basic steps' that's because they're all steps you can implement without capital outlay. However you implement PPC, it's going to cost you, so you need to get it right first time.

A website that's optimised for search engines and people.


Good quality content that's relevant and well-written.

Social Media

Attract and engage customers via your social media feeds.

Link Building

Building links from other high-ranking sites into yours.

Check Out The Competition
Before embarking on a PPC campaign you should find out what your competitors are doing. Finding some good keywords that they're not using can be a good place to start as low competition generally means lower cost and greater return.
How are you doing?
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Research, Test and Monitor
Thorough research is key to any successful marketing campaign. You'll need to know your intended audience and what search terms they are using to find businesses like yours online.
Decide whether you will focus on local traffic or cast your net a little wider, perhaps nationwide or even across the globe. Do you need to target a specific age range or interest group, or maybe exclude certain types of people?
Once your PPC campaign is up and running, you'll want to monitor it constantly to ensure it performs well and you're not wasting money on unwanted clicks. One of the mistakes many beginners make is forgetting to add negative keywords, resulting in unwanted clicks and the associated costs.

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