Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a fast and effective way to attract new customers and engage with existing ones, using their preferred platform. When used correctly this can form an essential part of your online strategy.

Be Social
Your potential customers are no longer confined to the search engines, now they have a choice of platform on which to interact with you. While some may prefer to engage with their favourite brands on Facebook and rarely visit their websites, others choose Twitter or Instagram. If you're not using these additional channels you are most likely missing out on potential business.

A website that's optimised for search engines and people.


Good quality content that's relevant and well-written.

Social Media

Attract and engage customers via your social media feeds.

Link Building

Building links from other high-ranking sites into yours.

Attract, Engage, Convert
The key with social media, as with sales in general, is not to be seen as trying to sell something. Provide your audience with free reports, offers, news and tips, and they will grow to trust you and in time may convert to a paying customer.
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Respect Your Environment
Each platform has its own rules and expected patterns of behaviour, and you should tailor your approach accordingly. For example, posting a sales pitch on Reddit will result in some heated comments and possibly even a ban. A successful social media marketing campaign should take advantage of the benefits of each platform, while observing the house rules.

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