Website Design

Website design should always be undertaken as part of an overall search marketing strategy. Your website should be populated with good quality content, be easy to navigate and work perfectly across all devices including desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.

Marketing-Led Website Design
Many businesses build a website and follow it up at a later date with some form of online marketing, but this a fragmented and inefficient approach. A marketing-led development process ensures that the website is designed as a marketing tool first and foremost.

A website that's optimised for search engines and people.


Good quality content that's relevant and well-written.

Social Media

Attract and engage customers via your social media feeds.

Link Building

Building links from other high-ranking sites into yours.

Represent & Enforce Your Brand
Just as you would do with any printed sales literature, such as business cards or brochures, your website should maintain consistency in terms of your brand identity. This should also be extended across your social media channels.
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The User Experience
Spend some time thinking about how your visitors might want to find the information they're looking for. Assume that around 50% of them will be using a tablet or other mobile device, so the website must be fully responsive. Multiple forms of navigation can be factored in to cater for various preferences. Adding engaging or interactive content is a great way to keep visitors on your website and boost your online rankings.

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